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sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

Ajudarà a fer fora els que "fan la vista grossa", o servirà d'efecte crida per que en vinguin mes?

Demonstrations held outside Barceloneta tour operators

Brits out! Fury in Barcelona at boozy tourists: Locals in revolt over revellers from UK 

Protests involving up to 200 demonstrators began a week ago – and have continued daily since.
Last week, a picture of naked Italian tourists frolicking around Barcelona sparked protests over drunken holidaymakers in the Catalan city.
The picture of the three naked Italian men, which infuriated residents of La Barceloneta, a district of the Spanish city, was posted online by photographer Vicens Forner's blog two weeks ago.
The men were seen running out of a supermarket with no clothes on in broad daylight, and did not appear to be drunk.
Since then anger has been brewing, resulting in the protests this week.
Blocks of flats rented to holidaymakers have reportedly been targeted, with chants of ‘out, out, out, drunken tourists’.
One local, Andrés Antebi, said: ‘Imagine you’re in a tiny house, with three children, unemployed, with no money for vacations ... and you have to put up with the screams and fiesta of tourists next door. It’s unbearable.’
Others said the authorities had been too slow to address the situation. 
Oriol Casabella, who leads the local neighbourhood association, said: ‘We’re tired of low-cost, drunken tourism. It’s killing our neighbourhood and dissuading other types of tourists. It’s Magaluf all over again.’
The outpouring of anger came after one group of male tourists ran naked through a supermarket. Others had unashamedly urinated on doorsteps.
Prior to the 1992 Olympics, Barceloneta, in the city’s Ciutat Vella district, was a pretty fishing village. 
But after the Games came the tourists – many of them British, and many of them behaving badly. 
Now locals fear that Barcelona’s reputation as a cultural hub treasured for its impressive architecture and fresh seafood dishes could become a thing of the past.
They believe the cheap flights from the UK offered by budget airlines could see their hometown follow in the footsteps of nearby Magaluf.
One resident, who did not want to be named, said: ‘They come here to do what they cannot do in their own countries.’ 
Jaume Collboni, a local councillor, told The Times: ‘This area is on the point of collapse. We don’t want it become like other resorts.’
Other areas of Spain have already begun to clamp down on inappropriate behaviour by issuing fines.
Indeed, Barcelona was among several places to introduce penalties of up to £240 for wearing only a bikini or swimming trunks away from the beach. 
On-the-spot fines are also being issued to those who are drinking alcohol on the streets.
But despite these measures, residents in Barceloneta have passed pictures to local newspaper La Vanguardia showing a gaggle of nude male tourists flouting the rules in a supermarket. 
Another photo showed two women frolicking in a paddling pool in the middle of the road.
Barcelona city council has agreed to send more police to restore order to the area, and ensure tourists comply with bylaws designed to curb antisocial behaviour.
The unrest follows several high-profile examples of bad behaviour in British tourism hotspots. 
Last month, in Magaluf, locals were horrified when an 18-year-old girl was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men in a bar, only to be rewarded with a free drink.
Barceloneta has changed dramatically since 1992, with billionaires now docking their yachts at a purpose-built marina there. 
Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club, regularly has his 535-feet yacht refitted at a workshop there.
The area’s soaring popularity has seen a boom in unlicensed tourist flats, with clients arriving at all hours, day and night.
Locals renting flats in the village fear they could be driven out by landlords hoping to cash in on the tourist trade.

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